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Dynamic in both region and terrain, Mt. Elbrus stands as a watchtower between the great masses of Europe and Asia. Mt. Elbrus is a large, double-coned volcano, whose twin summits vary by about 65 feet. The highest mountain on the European continent has great appeal as it presents a strenuous and highly-rewarding climb. The expedition begins in the city of St. Petersburg, a traditional vanguard of European culture. Depending on schedules, team members will take time to visit the Kremlin and Red Square.

Physical conditioning

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This is an extreme, high-altitude climb. Climbers should have excellent strength and be comfortable climbing four to eight hours per day. Summit day is the most demanding portion of the climb, typically involving eight hours for the ascent and six to seven hours for the descent. Climbers must have basic knowledge of progression on snow and ice, self-arrest, crevasse rescue and glacier travel. Snow and ice slopes on Elbrus are moderate (up to 45 degrees).




18,510 feet

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Alpine Ascents International (AAI)

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$12,500 USD