What Your Dollars Support

Climb to Fight Cancer: at the summitAt Fred Hutch, we’re dedicated to starting cures. Our Nobel Prize-winning development of bone marrow transplantation has transformed treatment for patients with blood cancers and many other diseases. We uncovered the risks of combined hormone therapy for menopause symptoms, a discovery that has helped prevent up to 20,000 cases of breast cancer a year in the U.S. alone. Our scientists also laid the groundwork for the cancer-preventing HPV vaccine, which is saving lives worldwide.

Today our researchers continue to lead the way. They’re pioneering therapies that harness the power of the human immune system to overcome cancer. They’re spearheading novel efforts to prevent — and cure — HIV infection. And they’re breaking new ground in precision oncology, which aims to leverage detailed data from patients and their tumors to tailor cancer care like never before.

But turning innovative ideas into lifesaving therapies requires more than just our highly creative and committed scientists. It requires a community of supporters like you. The path from lab to clinic to patient impact is bolstered at every step by private funding. Your contributions are essential to keep up the rapid pace of our scientific progress and bring groundbreaking ideas to fruition faster.

The research you make possible by supporting Fred Hutch leads directly to revolutionary discoveries, radically better treatments, and better lives here in Seattle and around the world.

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