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Take your skills a step higher on majestic Mt. Adams. Situated in the eastern Cascade Range, Mt. Adams is the second-most massive and the third-tallest volcano in the Cascade range. Its eruptive volume is about 48 cubic miles. In the Cascades, only Mt Shasta is larger in volume. The team will embark to set up camp at 8,000 feet, beholding breathtaking views in every direction. During the climb, TMG will provide instruction as needed to ensure that the team is physically prepared and properly outfitted to summit Mt. Adams.

Physical conditioning

Details below provided by TMG.

Climbers need to be in excellent physical condition and able to carry a 50-pound pack. Prior experience with backpacking is helpful.





12,276 feet

Guide service:

Timberine Mountain Guides, Inc. (TMG)

Fundraising Total:

$3,500 USD