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Amy's Ironman Journey


I am an athlete and for many years I have been dreaming of participating in the Ironman World Championship in Kona, Hawaii. This is the "super bowl" of Ironman races so chances were slim that I would ever have the opportunity. Well never say never, this year I was lucky enough to get a spot. I had always said if I get a spot someday I will have to make this race more then just about me.

Triathlon can be a very isolating and highly individual sport. We race and often train alone, giving up valuable time with friends and family all for ourselves. Although without the support of those friends and family it is very difficult to be able to find the time.

So I have decided to dedicate this race to some very special people and in the process raise money in honor of them and to support Fred Hutch Cancer Center, to continue to work on life saving treatments for Leukemia and Lymphoma.

In honor of:
Natalie Margolis
Fran Falkenberry

In memory of:
Ari Bluman


I will be updating this page periodically with my training and thoughts, so check back soon.

The Ironman World Championship race is held every year in Kona, Hawaii. This year the race will be on October 14, 2017.

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3/2017: My road to Kona is off to a great start. On February 25, 2017, I ran my first 50 mile race at the Ultra Adventures Antelope Canyon 50 miler. I was accompanied by my amazing and supportive husband, David and my dear friend, Joan. We had an amazing adventure that day and I am proud of such a huge accomplishment.

4/2017: My road to Kona continues with a trip to the Boston Marathon. David and I qualified almost a year ago and it has been so exciting to think about racing there. Well, on April 17 we were able to run from Hopkington to Boston. The entire weekend was amazing. It far exceed any and all expectations we had. We met the most incredible people, had amazing support from our sponsors, Kinetic Sports Rehab and Hyland's, were treated like VIP's and most importantly had my best fans out there cheering us on, my parents. It was such a positive and inspiring experience that we are looking for another race to qualify for 2018. Our next big adventure is Victoria 70.3 on June 4. Stay tuned!

6/2017: My road to Kona continues with Ironman Victoria 70.3. This is a Half Ironman distance which allowed to me to asses my training and what I need to work on.  It was an amazing race, perfect weather, beautiful course and as always the most incredible racing community. David and I had a great weekend of relaxing and racing and I ran my best half marathon in a half ironman! 

This past weekend we went to visit friends in Bellingham and of course, race. It was a shorter race but was good training. The best part of the weekend was getting to be a part of our friend Rita's very first triathlon. The energy and enthusiasm and excitement that comes from your first race is contagious. So much fun to be a part of that. Next on the agenda is David's big race of the year, Alaskaman Extreme Ironman. We are all super excited to be a part of this inaugural race, support David on his 3rd full Ironman race and hopefully see NO bears!! Stay tuned. 

7/2017: My road to Kona continues with BEARS!! Well we did not encounter any bears during Alaskaman but we did get to see some while I was on a training run. Our last day in Alaska was super exciting with 4 moose (including a momma and baby) and a female black bear with 2 cubs. Of course we gave them plenty of room and decided that it was time to turn around!! David had an amazing race, what an experience for all of us. Probably the hardest Ironman distance race in North America, between the very cold and long swim, tough bike ride on a highway and a 27 mile run that included and hike up Mt Alyeska, back down and back up to the finish line. I was so honored to be a part of the inaugural race and to support David to the finish line. I am also so grateful to my parents, Natalie and Jerry, and Hannah for helping with support. I could not have done it without all that help. Next up is a marathon or 2 and trying to qualify for the Boston Marathon 2018. We will see, stay tuned until next time! And thanks for following along on My Road to Kona!!


8/2017: My Road to Kona has been anything but dull. This month was a big one for me, really for us (David and I).

I recently heard a quote that resonated with us today. "Some days you win and some days you learn". Well today was both for us. David had a difficult day today at the Tunnel Light Marathon. He knew at mile 19 that it was not going to be a BQ kind of day. So instead of pushing through and potentially injuring himself, he backed off a bit, and met up with me at mile 24.5. I was pushing really hard, I hurt really bad and was not sure how much harder I could push. He was a ray of sunshine when I saw him in front if me, he had amazing words of encouragement and he knew I had it in me to not only get a BQ today but a PR by over 3 minutes. He kept me motivated to the very end and despite how bad he was feeling, he focused all his attention on getting me to that finish line. He is truly the world's best training partner, my best friend and an amazing husband and I couldn't ask for anything more.

That pretty much sums up our race on 8/20/2017. I am over the moon excited for my PR and for qualifing for Boston for the second time. My training is going well and I am on track with 8 weeks to go. Next event is my Felix fundraiser, Park to Park to Park (2.5 mile) swim and lots of miles on the bike. Stay tuned!!

8/26/2017 What an amazing day. The Crossfit Felix family came out in full force to support me and this cause. We raised about $3000 and had a super fun time getting sweaty. The workout was a fun cardio burner. There were lots of raffle prizes won, smoothies from Power Smoothies and soft tissue body work from Arrosti. Thank you all who came out to support me, my family, Fred Hutch and their patients!!

9/2017 My Road to Kona continues with another race!! My final big race before the bigger race in Kona. Black Diamind Half Ironman did not disappoint. It is a well organized race, with great support and small town feel. I was super happy with my results and I walked away with a 4th place age group (of 14) and my personal best Half Ironman time. 5 weeks till race day and I have decided to up the ante on the funsdraising. Thanks to my friends at Superfeet I am above my goal now! So, I have increased my goal to $15,000 by race day!! I think it can be done. Stay tuned for more updates as race day gets closer.