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Welcome to our fundraising page!

Please join us as we raise funds for the Patient Family and Assistance Fund at Fred Hutch. Together, we’re going to push our limits to support lifesaving research.

We care about this cause because too many people still lose loved ones to cancer and other diseases — and because scientific breakthroughs can turn the tide. 

We believe in Fred Hutch because scientists there are leading the charge to prevent, diagnose, and treat cancer and other diseases. They are making powerful new discoveries, from how tumors start and hide in the body to how our immune systems can be harnessed to fight back. And they are finding ways to use more and better data to improve care and save lives. In addition, Fred Hutch is at the forefront of the global COVID-19 response: deploying experts in infectious disease, immunology, and more to understand the virus and lead large-scale vaccine and treatment trials.

We’re ready for a healthier world, and we know you are, too. Let’s invest in the science that will get us there.

Please donate today. Thank you for doing this with us! 

Did you know?

  • Fred Hutch has been at the leading edge of cancer research for 45 years — starting with bone marrow transplantation, which can cure some cancers and has helped more than 1 million people. It was pioneered by Dr. E. Donnall Thomas at Fred Hutch. Today, Hutch researchers continue that legacy through groundbreaking work to expand immunotherapy.
  • Fred Hutch is a leader in infectious disease research, including breakthrough findings on the herpesvirus and on the pathogens and viruses that cause an estimated 1 in 5 cancers. It is also the home of the HIV Vaccine Trials Network.
  • Fred Hutch’s work is centered on the people we serve. This includes research to understand cancer’s toll on individuals and communities; improve health equity, especially among black people and people of color; improve prevention; and treat the entire person, not just the disease. 
  • Fred Hutch researchers and staff are guided by integrity, scientific excellence, and collaboration — a dedication that has earned them the Gold Seal of Transparency on GuideStar, a service that evaluates more than 2 million U.S. nonprofits. 
  • In short: Fred Hutch is an exciting place! Feel free to visit their website to learn more:

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