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Groundbreaking Research to Cure Metastatic Cancers




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Support for The Center of Metastasis Research Excellence

Groundbreaking research at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center continues to deepen our understanding of metastatic cancer. Yet we still know so little about what fuels it, what stops it, or what could prevent it. We must make more progress, faster, to improve the odds of survival for patients here and around the world.

Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center is an independent, nonprofit organization that also serves as the cancer program for UW Medicine. Fred Hutch is proud to raise funds that fuel the adult oncology program on behalf of both Fred Hutch and UW Medicine.

The Center for Metastasis Research Excellence, or MET-X, will help accelerate those efforts. Led by Cyrus Ghajar, PhD, holder of the Peter S. Lefkarites Memorial Endowed Chair, MET-X is flipping the traditional approach to researching metastasis on its head: Instead of studying it in the context of the individual organ from which it originated, our growing cadre of metastasis researchers will join forces with our top minds in immunotherapy, tumor microenvironments, drug resistance, the microbiome, and even HIV to study it as a phenomenon all its own. What they find could fundamentally change how we understand metastatic breast cancer, colon cancer, prostate cancer, lung cancer, and others.

But they’ll need your help.

Gifts of all sizes will help to create an environment in which each discovery – from across scientific disciplines – brings us closer to understanding and overcoming metastatic cancers.

By rethinking how we study metastatic cancer and aligning Fred Hutch’s best minds behind the effort, MET-X is prepared to make discoveries that could one day transform treatment. Join us.

“We need a transformative approach to metastasis. We don’t want to confine ourselves to seeking out disease-specific vulnerabilities that a tumor will find its way around in a few months. Our aims will be broader.” 

— Cyrus Ghajar, PhD, metastatic breast cancer researcher and holder of the Peter S. Lefkarites Memorial Endowed Chair, Fred Hutch

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Huge thanks to Lynda and Todd Weatherby for launching this effort.