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Welcome to a nationwide, grassroots, collaborative effort to Target Pediatric AML

AML is the deadliest leukemia across all ages. Therapies for AML have not changed significantly in decades, so it remains one of the poorest prognosis, most harrowing, and costly pediatric cancers. But, hope is on the horizon. Targeted agents, like T-cell therapies and small molecule inhibitor drugs, offer the possibility of near-term breakthroughs. However, the effectiveness of these cutting-edge, precision treatments depends largely on one critical element – identification of GOOD TARGETS. The issue of effective targeting remains a barrier to progress in AML. With your help, in collaboration with others across the country, we can change this.

Target Pediatric AML (tpAML) seeks to speed access to promising targeted therapies and begin the shift from the virtual “one-size-fits-all” protocols of today to more personalized, precision treatment regimens tailored to a young AML patient’s specific cancer profile (genetics). This should not only improve outcomes, but reduce both short and long-term treatment-related toxicities. This effort is led by Dr. Soheil Meshinchi, a renowned pediatric AML researcher and Fred Hutch faculty member. He is also the Children’s Oncology Group’s AML biology chair and oversees the world’s largest pediatric AML tissue repository, which resides on the Fred Hutch campus in Seattle.
TpAML is a multi-year, $10 million effort that seeks to jumpstart access to more personalized, precision treatment regimens for pediatric AML patients. TpAML is not a foundation – it is a nationwide, volunteer-led, fundraising and “funds-pooling” initiative to accelerate the highest priority Children's Oncology Group AML research project.

Contact Nicole Pratapas in the Fred Hutch Development Office at 206-667-5190 or email if you wish to learn more.

Please join our team to help us accelerate promising new therapies for pediatric AML families today and in the future!