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Welcome to the Olympia Hutch Guild fundraising page!

The Olympia Hutch Guild fundraises for the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center because Fred Hutch scientists are world leaders in revolutionizing the way we prevent, detect, and treat cancer and related diseases. To put it simply, their research saves lives.

We are leveraging the use of this fundraising page so that we can spend our precious volunteer time seeking ways to promote the great research being done here in our Pacific NW backyard.  For almost 25 years, the Olympia Hutch Guild has been raising funds for the Hutch.  Our current campaign is called 50 / 50, in support of our President Linda Kleingartner, a former Hutch employee who is celebrating her 50th birthday this year.  She has challenged herself to do 50 hours of pro-bono non-profit volunteer work, and asks for you to pledge her for every pro-bono hour she will do until her 50th birthday (8/24/2018).  This will not exceed 50 hours (she, too, must work).

You have been sent this link to consider an on-line donation for Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center. The fundraising "credit" goes to the Olympia Hutch Guild, but 100% of the proceeds goes directly to Fred Hutch.

If you want to know more about the Fred Hutch, keep reading.  Otherwise, thank you for your generous support.  And, if you are interested in having Linda do pro-bono work for your organization, send her an email at  Thanks for your support!

Did you know ...

The bone marrow transplant, developed by Dr. E. Donnall Thomas at Fred Hutch, earned him a Nobel Prize and provided the first example of the human immune system’s power to cure cancer. More than 1 million people have received this lifesaving procedure.

Today, Drs. Phil Greenberg and Stanley Riddell continue Dr. Thomas’ legacy, leading the way in the game-changing field of immunotherapy. In fact, they are perfecting an approach that could render chemotherapy and radiation obsolete, making cancer treatment for patients much less grueling and toxic.

Dr. Denise Galloway helped develop the vaccine that prevents human papillomavirus, or HPV, infection, which can cause cervical cancer.

Dr. Jim Olson developed “Tumor Paint”, an experimental molecule derived from scorpion venom that illuminates cancer cells so surgeons can see tumor margins more clearly. This means surgeons can zero in on the cancer, eliminating all of it, without affecting healthy tissue.

Dr. Gary Gilliland, president and director of Fred Hutch, has a bold vision. He believes Hutch scientists can find curative therapies for many, if not all, cancers by the year 2025. They just need the funding to do it.

Please join me in supporting this endeavor by donating today — your gift will support innovative research that saves lives.