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Welcome to Pucks For a Cure Hockey Marathon


Hello Friends,  


We are pleased to announce the first Pucks For a Cure 24 hour Hockey Marathon.  


Most, if not all of us, have felt the loss of a loved one due to this awful disease.  Fred Hutch does amazing work in research and treatment options for the many battling cancer.  This is a great opportunity for our wonderful PNW Hockey community to pitch in some resources and have a little fun while we are at it.  



We have procured ice at SnoKing Kirkland on Saturday July 20th 2019.  Starting 12:00 am the puck will drop.  We will be conducting 8 consecutive 3 hour drop in/game style sessions until 11:59 pm.  Adult Hockey players will individually register and play in back to back 75 minute periods.  There will be refs and the scoreboard will be on.  Each player will be placed on Team Treatment or Team Research and the score will keep accumulating as we play through the morning, afternoon and evening.  At the end one team will probably have more goals than the other but the real winners will be Fred Hutch with the thousands of dollars we plan on raising.   In addition to the hockey we plan on having:


Complimentary Beer Garden

Event T Shirt

Door Prizes for Charity


Massage Services

Free Skate Sharpening

So mark your calendars


To register to play:

This is a a 2 step process

Adult Registration

The cost for a 3 hour session $150 dollars 

Step 1 $45 as a registration fee sent toPayPal.Me/pucksforacure  or paypal (some people are having difficulty with the PayPal.Me option), this is to cover the cost of the event.

Step 2  A minimum donation of $105 on this page.  please do not donate anonymously because we will need documentation to finalize your registration.   

We will be transparent and any event money left over will be donated after the event and all transactions will be made public. 

After donating and paying registration fee,  please email us at with your name, phone number, position preferance, T-shirt size and 1st and 2nd request for a time slot.  Remember we are doing 3 hour sessions


Midnight-3am   Early Morning Exrtravaganza

3am-6am  Early Morning Extravaganza

6am-9am Rink organized stick and puck,  no longer available 

*****  Early Morning Extravaganza-  Anybody signing up for any of the 2 slots is invited to play in the other early slots for no additional fee.  These slots will not have referees and will be fun skates with music, food and prizes.  Hoping to get 30-50 skaters and 4  goalies for the 6 wee morning hours*****

9:00- Noon

Noon-3pm  (Womens slot)

3pm-6pm  (NHL to Seattle slot)

6pm-9pm    ( sold out)


Times in bold being filled separately or sold out


Attention  Last minute special deals effective 7-5-19

9:00 am - 10:15
10:30 am- 11:45
noon- 1:15 (women)
1:30- 2:45 (women)
9:00 pm - 10:15
10:30 pm - 11:45

Is now $75 ($25 registration $50 donation)

***** Half price Early Morning Extravaganza gets you 1 3 hour session for same $75*********




In addition to the hockey, each player will receive a gift bag with promotional items and other hockey related goodies




We are certainly looking for anybody with a small business or organization that wishes to sponsor.   We have multiple levels of sponsorship that will include apparel, advertising (this page and posters) and possibly player entries.  Please email Dave a to talk about the possibilities.



Obviously, a venture like this takes a village to pull together,  we certainly need on and off ice officials to help the hockey portion of the event.  Also needing people to help coordinate the event and help set up and tear down. As well as work the beer garden.   We are open to ideas and other resources if it helps us meet and exceed our goal.  Again email Dave at if you wish to be involved.


We encourage anybody seeing this to share with friends and family, we all share a common goal to fight this awful disease and certainly welcome any monetary or resource donations.  If you want to give money please do so here and if you wish to donate items for door prizes or other resources please email Dave at


We look forward to celebrating our game and giving a little back on July 20th. 

Peace to all of you,


Pucks For a Cure.