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I am thrilled to be joining the Fred Hutch’s Climb to Fight Cancer initiative -- a trek to the Mt. Everest Base Camp (elevation 17,500 feet). The target goal of the team of a entrepreneurs, executives and investors from the biotech and pharma industries, embarking on this expedition is to collectively raise at least $1M to support cancer research. 


The Himalayas and in particular Mt. Everest, have a special reverence for me. I have always dreamed of trekking in this region and the opportunity to reach Everest Base Camp will help me not only fulfill one of those dreams on my “list” but also raise awareness and much needed funding for a cause that’s also very personal to me. In recent years I have lost several people close to me to cancer- a beloved uncle, a wonderful friend, a young kid who was just starting his professional career. I have many relatives and good friends who have one or more of their loved ones diagnosed with cancer. It is one of those deadly diseases that can afflict anyone at any time.


It’s been over 50 years since the “war on cancer” was declared by a US President. Much progress has been made during this time, including incredible breakthroughs in targeted therapies, immunotherapies and cell therapies to combat various cancers. Despite all the remarkable advancements, cancer remains the second leading cause of death in the US.


It is imperative that we do not slow down, but enhance our commitment to continue this fight!


Having worked in biotech for almost three decades, I am a big believer in the power of basic research that has yielded breakthrough innovation to fight deadly diseases like cancer.  Several of the game-changing cancer medicines have their roots traced back to basic research.  At PureTech we have translated and continue to advance such promising basic research discoveries into new medicines. My experience in the industry has also given me a great appreciation for the high cost of bringing a truly life-changing medicine to the patients, especially for those with high mortality diseases like cancer. I therefore call on you to support my Everest Base Camp 2022 trek by contributing generously to the Fred Hutch’s Climb to Fight Cancer. I’m also thrilled to share that my company PureTech has offered to support this initiative by agreeing to match up to a certain amount of the funds raised.


Just as teamwork, collaboration and leadership are keys to the success of an expedition such as our trek to the Everest Base Camp, fighting cancer is likewise a massive team effort across many stakeholders in our society. The purpose of this expedition is closely tied to my core belief that together we can collaborate to tackle any challenges in life and science.  


Curing cancer one mountain at a time! Fred Hutch’s Climb to Fight Cancer is a unique way to combine mountain climbing and cancer research. For nearly 25 years, climbers from around the country have summited some of the world’s highest peaks and raised more than $11 million for cancer research. Fred Hutch has made some of the world’s most important medical advances — from developing bone marrow transplantation as a cure for leukemia, to pioneering powerful therapies that harness the immune system to fight cancer, to leading national and international initiatives that enable earlier cancer diagnoses and more effective treatments. This leading-edge research depends on private contributions that fuel novel studies, which have the power to make a profound difference.


Please click the “Donate” button and give to the Climb to Fight Cancer. Any amount you can give makes a difference to people and families facing deadly diseases. Your gift is 100 percent tax deductible and will fund extraordinary research, lifesaving discoveries, and cures. Thank you for your support and let's do this thing!


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