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Ready for my Climb to Fight Cancer!

All of us has the capacity to do good beyond what they believe is possible.

Every one of us has the ability to make an impact.

I have chosen to take on the EBC Climb to Fight Cancer.

Why this Trek?

1. There is an ongoing need for more cancer R&D, we need more mechanisms for early detection, more treatments and more cures.

2. I’ve been following Luke Timmerman for 7 years and his science journalism is an important voice - clear, crisp, and forthright, and Luke's over-the-top "adventure philanthropy" caught my attention and has my enthusiasm. Luke  summited Everest ~4 years ago, led Life Science leaders up Kilimanjaro ~3 years ago, and this past summer completed the Presedential Traverse (White Mtns) with a team of life science professionals for Life Science Cares. Luke has raised millions for Hutch cancer research and other charities. What's next? I'm on Luke's team to trek to Everest Base Camp March 2022 (originally schedule March 2020) to raise $1 million+ for Fred Hutchinson Climb to Fight Cancer.

3. I love adventure, pushing limits. When I was younger, a vacation was not a great vacation unless I was on the edge of risk and thrill!

I’m trekking with the EBC2022 team led by Luke; and I bet I will be huffing and puffing, struggling with the cold and the altitude. My physical struggle will mostly be mental (I can do it, I have to do it, I'll think of “the little train that could”). It will be a time to focus inward and take that energy to send prayers, positive energy and warm wishes to all I know who have been caregivers or suffered through cancer, and to remember those who have passed.

At this moment, I already know that I will be trekking for:

  • Safety Partners’ employees (past and current) who have lost loved ones to cancer
  • Safety Partners’ past employee, Rigel Lustwerk, who passed in 2014
  • My father who passed away July 2021
  • My cousin, Debra Grayer Halprin, fought the fight and is doing well
  • My aunt Marilyn Aronson, who passed in 2010
  • Pascale Richalet, PhD, fought cancer twice – she is strong and healthy!
  • Billy Ochsner, my cousin, who we lost to cancer in his early 50’s

 I’m also trekking with all diseases in mind, and especially for my mother with Alzheimer’s and my cousin, David Aronson, who in his 40’s, died from Parkinson’s Disease after a 15-year battle.

I’m truly fortunate to be celebrating this decade of my 60's with a great challenge tied to a great charity. I'm grateful be be in good health, good spirits and able physically and emotionally to take on an adventure. I have an outstanding management team that truly “runs the show” at Safety Partners, leaving me to harvest my energies in new ways; EBC2022 is one! Thank you, Jennifer Reilly and Team, for allowing me to make EBC2022 a reality.

Safety Partners is almost 30 years old! Success is always a combo of luck and hard work. The luck part is that I founded and grew my business alongside the whirlwind of biotech start-up energy in One Kendall Square. It's been a long, and often hard journey. Now its time to smell the roses. I truly appreciation everything Safety Partners has become and all that Safety Partners has afforded me.

Why Hutch?

Fred Hutch has made some of the world’s most important medical advances — from developing bone marrow transplantation as a cure for leukemia, to pioneering powerful therapies that harness the immune system to fight cancer, to leading national and international initiatives that enable earlier cancer diagnoses and more effective treatments. This leading-edge research depends on private contributions that fuel novel studies, which have the power to make a profound difference.

Please click the “Donate” button and give to the Climb to Fight Cancer. Any amount you can give makes a difference to people and families facing deadly diseases. Your gift is 100 percent tax deductible and will fund extraordinary research, lifesaving discoveries, and cures. Thank you for your support!

My Climb Journal


March 2022 - I'm getting ready (again)!
We have dates! March 23 - 4/8/2022
I'm excited to be on the team of Life Science professionals, trekking to Everest Base Camp. The Team is captained by Luke Timmerman, in charity for Fred Hutchinson Climb to Fight Cancer, and with expert mountaineering leadership and guide service from Alpine Ascents.
I'm out hiking twice a month, going to the gym, doing some running, and just starting to try "interval training".
Rubbing herbs into my knees and taking a remedy from an herbalist, along with some PT and chiropractor - all to get my knees and overall spirit limbered up :0
Thank you for everyone who has sponsored! It's going to be a fast winter as I have a count down to prepare.
Be well,

by Denise Aronson on Sun, Oct 31, 2021 @ 8:22 PM

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Trek is now Oct. 2020; what now!
Took me by surprise, but looking back at the last couple weeks, COVID-19 has jumbled up so many plans including my Everest Base Camp trek. I was fully disoriented by this curve ball, and now slowly putting my emotions back in order!
New date, depart 10/7/2020.
My temperament is not to just let it fade away so fast. So, I spent an hour on the floor looking through all my gear with the lists from Alpine Ascent. Put things in order so preparing for 10/7 is more smooth than what I've been doing to prepare for 3/19 departure.
Silver lining? YES. More space in my calendar, time to read about Nepal, time to continue to condition, buy a bit more gear, and figure out best boot situation for my ankle bone spurs.
Along with gear thinking, I couldn't help but put on my fully loaded backpack and do a short (so I did the loop twice) winter hike up Sabbatus in Lovell ME. Perfect view of Mt. Washington today. Also got a run in yesterday. It was a weekend so nice, there could be no excuses!

by Denise Aronson on Sun, Mar 08, 2020 @ 5:47 PM

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No hike this weekend; so what did I do?
Was worried about my ankle bone spurs (from Lafayette hike last weekend; ankle sliding inside my boot due to the snow-sloppy on the trail .... I think.). Decided to cool ankles off for a week or two.
Instead enjoyed my BFFs - got a yoga and run in on Saturday and a run in on Sunday. Both fantastic! thank you Lisa and Eleanor :)
Today, dared to put on my hiking boots (added my orthotics which I had dumbly removed a couple months ago). Walked in my boots from 12:30 to 6:30 and then did the eliptical for 40 minutes. Success - in that my bone spurs didn't flare up in this neutral ground test. Seeing a podiatrist tomorrow!

by Denise Aronson on Sun, Feb 23, 2020 @ 8:57 PM

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10th Training hike
Swapped out the backpack I've been using (kids high school backpack) for the one I just got from REI. Love it. It's an REI brand and seems just right.
Hiked a bit over 6 miles; very close to the summit - Mt. Lafayette, but was running out of daylight to get to car by 5:15
Didn't need snowshoes because it's a popular trail and well packed. Carried them though ..... just in case I got off trail, blizzard etc.... Safety First!
On the down, very fun. Sort of like skiing as I use my boots as if they were mini skies. And, sometimes lose balance and go down on my butt.
Cloudy, but still VERY beautiful. Wind was light in afternoon, so temp was cold but not too cold.
Worried about my bone spurs on ankle bone. They flared up today (hasn't happened in a couple years). Hmmm, got to fix this. Any experts out there with advice for me?
I' m posting photos on Instagram if you want to Follow me.
GREAT day in snow :)

by Denise Aronson on Sun, Feb 16, 2020 @ 11:02 PM

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More runs
Was in Florida for a week to help my aging parents. I was very fortunate that my sister was there for a couple days too. Not only because she is fun and can keep the conversation going, but also, it allowed me to get several morning runs in. Thank you Andy-Jo!
Also got a nice run in this morning with my BFF.
In all, over the last week, likely did 20+ miles. That's pretty good for me. Not fast runs, but at least getting my heart going and flexing those muscles!
Need to plan a hike for this coming weekend. I hope the weather allows.

by Denise Aronson on Sun, Feb 09, 2020 @ 8:24 PM

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A couple more runs
Got a 4.5 mile run in just before heading to Florida. Pace was better, and felt good.
Now in Florida helping with my elderly parents. Went for a run on the beach today. Forgot to turn on any apps, but think i did about 3 miles.
Working on buying gear this past week, Still need a couple more things.
Enjoying the training, the gear purchases and getting psyched :)

by Denise Aronson on Sun, Feb 02, 2020 @ 6:03 PM

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Long run
Weather iffy, and need to be doing desk work much of the weekend.
BUT, did a 6.2 mile jog. Yes, it was a jog, because I don't think you can say 13 minute miles is a run! Yes, I will not be the first in my group to EBC, but I plan on pacing myself and trying for the middle of the pack!
Just proud that I could do 6.2 miles :)

by Denise Aronson on Sun, Jan 26, 2020 @ 4:18 PM

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My 9th training hike today!
Baldface circle trail, Slippery Brook, Chatham, NH.
Did not summit! Didn't expect to. Didn't leave my house till mid morning - I have competing priorities :)
Was out for 3 hours. Micro spikes weren't good enough, good thing I brought my snow shoes. Was very slow going uphill (and it wasn't very steep). Snow shoes are not easy to hike in. Going down though was much faster than I expected.
Great weather, not too cold, fresh snow, lots of back country skiers so I wasn't lonely on the trail. (I need to buy that gear some day - it is a fun sport - no lift lines, good exercise, uphill is fun, downhill is exciting, no crowded parking lots and lodges.)

by Denise Aronson on Sun, Jan 19, 2020 @ 8:45 PM

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Weekend - gear and fitness!
Didn't get into the mountains for my weekly hike - Rain was predicted both days!
Thanks to friends, I enjoyed Yoga and a run with Lisa on Saturday; and a run with Eleanor on Sunday It doesn't feel hard when you are working out with a friend :)
Last week I ordered some gear from the list of required things to bring. Today I spent a couple hours, trying things on, trying them on again, deciding if I exchange a size up or down, getting my terms down - base layer, mid layer, soft shell, hard shell, buff, pee bottle - Hahahaha. It shouldn't be this hard. But you know, I'm a type A and I have to go over it until i can create an image in my brain. That will lower my anxiety and allow me to feel ready!

by Denise Aronson on Sun, Jan 12, 2020 @ 9:23 PM

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Sunday 1/5/20
Wanted to climb on the Mt. Lafayette trail, but winds at 40 to 60 mph.
What to do, staying off high peaks? Went for a very slow jog (roads were slick) and hiked Sabatus (20 min up, 15 min down). Spectacular - crisp air, white trail, blue sky and wonderful view at the top.

by Denise Aronson on Sun, Jan 05, 2020 @ 5:42 PM

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Yesterday - BIG bear print in the snow ;)
Training hike #7! Great weather and good climb.
North Baldface, Bicknell Ridge Trail. Didn't summit, not enough sunlight! Sunset comes too early when you don't leave the house until 9:30!
Loved my outdoor time, carried about 20 to 25 pounds, crossed a couple rivers that have tremendous ice sculptures. Good thing for micro-spikes!
Wish I could insert a photo here - I found a really cool Bear print in the snow/ice - could see the claws very clearly. Think I saw some cat tracks too.
Was very sore last night. But you know, the good kind of sore :)
Happy New Year,

by Denise Aronson on Mon, Dec 30, 2019 @ 8:24 PM

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My Training
Yup, last weekend - 7:30 AM yoga Sat., 8:30 run Sun.
This week - Horse/Riding, Yoga, Lifting (and too many Holiday Parties and Chocolate. Where is my will power? Going to get it back!)
Tonight - BAD. Still at my desk. But, promising you that no matter what time I finish here, going to go to my apartment gym and lift!
Then, tomorrow off to see parents who need much help in their 80's. So, will be a short hiatis; then back to finish out 2019 with strong fitness!
Hope you are all doing well and staying fit too.

by Denise Aronson on Fri, Dec 20, 2019 @ 6:17 PM

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Soooo, not making it to NH and ME this weekend for my weekly hike. Tuckered out. It's all those Holiday parties :)
Staying local. But promise to lift, yoga, and run.
Hope you all have a great weekend too.

by Denise Aronson on Fri, Dec 13, 2019 @ 5:45 PM

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$6,000 raised and 6 Training Hikes Complete!
This was my 6th training hike. I got up at 5:15 AM to meet my hiking partner, Bette, at the trail head for Little Haystack.
It was the most enjoyable hike I've ever experienced. Totally unexpected. Reason: It's a very popular trail so the snow was well packed making it easier to hike (both going up and down) than in summer.
We didn't make the summit. Once we were above the tree line the wind was wild and caused temp to drop from about 20 degrees to what felt like 50 below! My face froze, Bette's fingers and hands were hurting from the cold and my feet felt like there was a thin layer of ice under them!
I was disappointed, but quickly realized it would be an hour to the peak in that wicked wind, and then an hour back to the trees. And, if we got hurt or delayed in that last push to peak we'd quickly be running out of daylight.
So didn't make the summit but this hike had stunning views at every turn in the trail and the trees along the way we're sparkling with fresh snow. GORGEOUS!
This is great training for EBC - got to figure out how to keep my limbs, digits and face warm!

by Denise Aronson on Mon, Dec 09, 2019 @ 10:22 AM

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