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Frequently Asked Questions

Thank you for creating a fundraiser for Fred Hutch! We’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions to help you succeed.

  1. Can the money raised on my page go towards my event fundraising efforts?

    The funds from your fundraiser cannot be counted towards your event fundraising efforts, including Obliteride, Climb to Fight Cancer, and Base2Space. Please use the fundraising platform provided when you registered for these events.

  2. Can my gift be in honor or memory of someone?

    Absolutely, you will be asked for this information when you register.

  3. The type of research and/or research lab that I want to fundraise for is not listed as an option when I register. Can I specify this information?

    Please email fundraise@fredhutch.org and we can help make these arrangements.

  4. Are gifts made through my fundraising page tax deductible?

    Yes, 100 percent.

  5. How does my donor get a tax receipt?

    Your donor(s) will receive an emailed receipt at the time of their gift, and an additional mailed copy approximately one week later.

  6. Why aren't the gift(s) I just entered listed on my team page?

    A quick page refresh should do the trick.

  7. When attempting to register, I received a notification that my user name already exists for my email and password. What's going on?

    Please note that you may create one fundraising page per category (birthday, athletic event, etc.), per email address. Try using another email address to register, or contact us at 206.667.4399 or fundraise@fredhutch.org for additional help.

  8. Who controls the content of the Fundraise for Fred Hutch pages?

    The individual who creates the Fundraise for Fred Hutch fundraiser has the ability to post content and images. Fred Hutch has the right to remove any objectionable content posted to a Fundraise for Fred Hutch fundraiser. Content includes, without limitation, images, illustrations, designs, icons, photographs, trademarks, logos, text, or any other form of advertising. The page creator agrees to make only lawful use of the Fundraise for Fred Hutch platform, and will use it only in compliance with all federal, state and local laws and regulations. Fred Hutch reserves the right to contact the page creator or disable any Fundraise for Fred Hutch fundraiser at any time.

    If you viewed any objectionable or inappropriate content on a Fundraise for Fred Hutch page or if you have any additional questions, please contact us.

  9. How do I upload my contacts from Outlook* into the Participant Center?
    *The instructions below are for Outlook 2010. If any of the steps for your version of Outlook are different, please consult Outlook Help.

    Follow the directions below to manually export a .csv file from Outlook:

    1. Open Outlook and click File > Options.
    2. When the Outlook Options window opens, click Advanced. In the right pane, click the Export button.
    3. In the Import and Export Wizard window, select the Export to a file option, then click Next.
    4. Under Create a file of type:, select the Comma Separated Values (Windows) option to create a CSV file.
    5. Under Select folder to export from:, select the Contacts folder you would like to export, then click Next to continue.
    6. Under Save exported file as, click Browse to select a destination folder.
    7. In the File name: box, type a descriptive name for your contacts file, then click OK.
    8. Click Next.
    9. Complete the process by clicking Finish.

    Once you have your .csv file, you can choose which contacts from the list to add by uploading the file via the Import Contacts button in the Participant Center.

Tips for Fundraising

  1. Customize your page
    Personalizing your page is a surefire way to help raise more money. People want to see how passionate you are about Fred Hutch. Go ahead, get creative and speak from the heart. The personal components of your fundraiser are honorable and important — tell your friends and family why finding cancer cures are important to you, and be sure to upload a photo.

  2. Make a gift
    Previous fundraisers have shared that it’s easier to ask others for money when you can say that you’ve donated yourself. It shows you’re committed, and it’s a great way to kick-start your fundraising!

  3. Be sure to say thank you, and say it often!
    The email templates in your Participant Center make it easy to acknowledge your donors. Tell them how meaningful and impactful their gift is.

  4. Share updates
    Your donors will be curious about your progress (and updates are a great reminder to those who haven’t given yet). Share often via email and social media.

We're happy to help! Have more questions? The Fred Hutch Fundraising Team can be reached at fundraise@fredhutch.org or (206) 667-4399.